All Mysteries Come From the Heart

Throughout our lives, we lead with our minds. We read, problem-solve, process information, ask and answer questions and navigate the mysteries that this life brings. But how do we process information? And where do these mysteries come from?

The Power of Imagination

While we use our brains to process information, it can be received from many different channels. If you solely use your mind, the information you receive will be limited. You’ll see a situation from only one angle. But when you look at a situation from a different perspective, you allow your creativity and imagination to guide you. Which organ controls this function? Your Heart—the keeper of your Spirit.

Everything in life vibrates at a different frequency. Your organs themselves each have their own unique frequency. The Heart’s job is to be peaceful and to act as the conductor of an orchestra, helping each of the organs to play its own unique sound so that together, the body’s vibration plays a beautiful symphony.

Your Heart is so big—when you put imagination into love, you can achieve great things. Imagination gives you power and strength. But in order to access imagination, your Heart must be pure.


All mysteries come from the Heart, never the mind.

The body, mind and Spirit are a full package deal. Often, people focus on just the body or just the mind. But these inseparable realms are always connected.

Zen meditation says, “The Heart is a shining mirror.” So don’t let the dust settle. Live and love freely. With all that you do, make love the priority. Love comes first. Can you clean your Heart so it’s as pure as an innocent child’s Heart? Then your Spirit will have its turn to shine.


“Today is the miracle of your entire past. The past creates a positive effect of today. It’s a miracle!” -Grand Master Nan Lu


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