Winter to Spring: Kidney to Liver

Over the next few weeks, Nature will make its transition from Winter (governed by the Kidney) to Spring (governed by the Liver). Your body is transitioning as well. What does the Winter to Spring transition look like from the Five Element Consciousness perspective?

Your Kidney is your body’s energy foundation. It stores your Qi “inheritance” that you received at birth from your mother and father. These generational gifts and messages sustain you throughout your life. After birth, your body uses your inherited Qi for teeth and bone growth, sexual development, hormones, and reproduction.

Each of the body’s organ systems need Qi to function. When a system is low on energy, it turns to the Kidney for support. Instead of conserving its bank of Qi, the Kidney supplies extra Qi to organs that are not functioning at their potential.

The Kidney is the mother of the Liver. As Winter turns to Spring, partner organs Liver and Gallbladder are in charge of helping to move blood, Qi, bile, and fat through the body. This pair is also responsible for physical and emotional flexibility. Stress and anger put an added strain on the Liver, and prevent it from functioning optimally. When this happens, Kidney steps in and lends energetic support. Here, you can see the domino effect of imbalance. When one organ system falls short, the entire body suffers.

Stress—at many different levels—has become part of daily life. Although we can do our best to avoid stressful situations, living a 100%-stress-free life isn’t much of a reality in today’s fast-paced world. For the body to keep up with this pace, Liver energy must be strong and flow freely.


Use this energy practice daily to release stress and tension.

Join Us!

Looking for a deeper connection? Join us for Liver Qi Enhancement from March 19-26, 2023. Through Qigong practice and food choices that benefit the Liver, you’ll deeply connect to your own creative potential and journey into the energetic frequency of Spring.

Tao of Morning Qigong, led by Grand Master Lu every Tuesday and Saturday morning, and Qi Thursdays, led by Dragon’s Way Qigong instructors, are great opportunities to reboot and prepare for the Spring season.