The Ever-Wandering Mind

How many times a day does your mind play tricks on you?

When you realize that you haven’t heard from a loved one in a while, your mind might wander to the worst.

If you have a pain or ache that lasts longer than you’d like, you might create a terrible scenario in your head.

While planning for a vacation, you might conjure up fears that you or a traveling companion will end up sick before or during the trip.

And these worries and fears often translate to a physical response, such as stomach cramping, diarrhea, anxiety, and even dizziness.

We’ve all been there.

When worry and fear creep in, we fail to trust in our natural instincts. Instead of listening to the cues our bodies are sending, we infuse the mind, and allow our emotions to take center stage. But emotions can work in our favor as well. When we listen to the body to understand its messages, we see that we can use our emotions as a vehicle to create whole body balance. How?

Emotions are Qi—energy. When we learn to view our emotions as neither good nor bad, but simply as energy, we can transform that energy and use it for healing.

Begin (or continue) your Qigong practices to learn how to live in the moment—not in the mind.

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