The Body Never Lies: Stomach and Worry, Worry, Worry!

Everything is energy. All energy has consciousness. All consciousness has purpose. This is the guiding principle behind the saying, “The body never lies.”

A symptom is your body’s way of communicating with you. This message is simply energy, and it has a consciousness and a purpose of its own. But headaches, joint pain, itchy skin, stomach pains, digestive issues, or other symptoms automatically raise a red flag. And instead of listening to the body, we jump to the worst-case scenario.

So rather than viewing symptoms from the perspective of fear, try a different angle. Be curious. Go deep within to understand the purpose of these messages. Your body has so much information to share with you about maintaining good health. If your body has the ability to create a physical symptom, it also has the ability to heal it. For every problem, it has a built-in solution. But through our hectic lifestyles and interference from cell phones and other electronics, the signals get blocked. We have forgotten how to access our body’s true healing potential.

Remember, the body never lies. So what do these symptoms mean at a deeper level? The answer is always found within.

Many people complain of stomach pains and digestive issues. They experience bloating, heartburn, gas, and constipation or diarrhea. These uncomfortable symptoms are often attributed to food. But is food the only reason, or can we dig a bit deeper?

Food, in its most natural form, is used to nourish the body. However, it’s becoming harder and harder to find unprocessed foods grown in organic soil with simply sun and water. And food is not nearly the only thing we ask our bodies to process and digest. Everything we see, smell, taste, touch, hear, and experience needs to be digested as well. Our bodies must process whatever we take in, including our emotions.

Have you ever felt so worried that you had an immediate urge to run to the bathroom? It’s not a coincidence. Your emotions are closely linked to the energetic functioning of your organs. Worry impacts the way your body digests food. So if you tend to worry or overthink situations, your digestive system might be a bit sluggish.

What are some ways to help?

1. Listen to your body’s messages. Notice when you feel bloated or experience stomach pains. What are you digesting? Are you stressed or worried? Recognizing these messages and the possible reasons for them can help you to view your digestive system in a different way.

2. Digest your emotions. Once you’ve identified troublesome emotions, help make them easier to digest. For example, if you’re worried, write a mantra that you can repeat daily, such as “Everything happens for good.” or “My life is meant to be happy.” Whenever you find stress and worry creeping in, breathe and repeat your mantra. Help yourself to see the bigger picture and to focus on the good.

3. Practice Qigong. Everything happens first on an invisible, energetic level before symptoms show on the body. Practicing Qigong becomes your greatest resource, and it costs nothing! Practice The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth along with Grand Master Nan Lu.

4. Eat healing, seasonal foods. The stomach loves warmth! Leave raw foods at the salad bar and instead, choose cooked vegetables and healing grains. Be sure to eat seasonal foods harvested at the peak of their energy.

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