Golden Rule #1: There Are No Accidents

In early childhood, most of us learned the Golden Rule, which was some variation of this: “treat others as you’d like to be treated.” The way we treat others is a reflection of how we’re feeling deep inside. We’ve also learned, “You get what you give.” For example, if a boss treats his employees with respect and rewards their commitment, the workers are much more inclined to put in extra hours to create a meaningful product. They are also more likely to hold their boss in high regard.

But what if we turned the tables a bit and viewed the golden rule from a health perspective?

Rule 1. There are no accidents.

Grand Master Lu has long shared his life rules: “There are no accidents. Everything is happening for a reason. Everything is happening for good. Can you see the good?”

Everything in life happens to help you see how to live life more fully, more spiritually, more creatively. The reason it happens is to lead to you achieve the purpose for which you came to this Earth. Not every lesson is about beauty, but about completing or achieving your life’s purpose.

While your life experiences may seem difficult, can you view them as the Universe nudging you to see something greater?

The next time you are faced with a crossroads or an experience that is difficult to bear, stop and breathe. Remember that there are no accidents. This is happening for a reason and the underlying message is for good. Can you step away and see the good?