Nature’s Connections and Life Lessons

The longer you spend in Nature, the more it becomes clear—connections are everywhere. Nature is continually changing, emerging and evolving, and yet its patterns remind us of the constants we humans have centered our lives around. We sleep in the dark of night and wake as the sun spills its light on our green planet. We plan our wardrobes and activities around the climate and our known seasons. They come and go, and we feel certain—without a second thought—that they will cycle through again.

Yet, although Mother Nature seems as if she has everything figured out, she is still presented with a myriad of challenges. From polluted waterways and poisoned soils to deforestation and poaching, humans, in many ways, have lost their connection to this precious life source. We have forgotten how to live as one with all of Nature’s creatures. Yet through all of these difficulties, Mother Nature doesn’t give up. In fact, she does just the opposite—she rises to the challenge.

With time, Nature recovers. In this past year alone, we’ve seen beautiful instances of Nature’s ability to rebound. Quiet streets and closed factories led to cleaner air and greater visibility. Throughout the world, wild animals returned to waterways and other spaces they hadn’t visited in many years. What can we take from this? As we step back out into the world, let us take with us the understanding that we are critical components of this living planet we share. We do not need to limit our connections to the tangible things that impact us, such as weather and seasons. Instead, we must extend it to the beauty that exists all around us. From the invisible microbes that feed our soil to butterflies with intricate wing patterns and the emotional exchange between a mother whale and her baby, life is exquisite.

Through all of Nature’s lessons, we learn the true definition of perseverance: Where there is life, there is hope.


“Life is a practice. Never give up. As long as you have Qi, you have to continue to practice. Constantly make connections.” -Grand Master Nan Lu


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