CHICKPEA SALADChickpeas have blood-building properties due to their iron content. In TCM theory, foods that nourish blood are often recommended for individuals who are experiencing symptoms of blood deficiency, such as fatigue, pale complexion, or dizziness.
BEAN SPROUT SAUTEThis recipe calls for soy bean sprouts but you can use any kind of sprout. It's important to rinse the soy beans in warm to hot water before cooking. Soy bean sprouts carry the essence of rebirth and encourage the body to move forward with guts!
RED BEAN AND ORANGE SALADRed beans in TCM support the Kidneys and nourish blood, while oranges support the Spleen and aid digestion, promoting overall balance.
LENTILS WITH FRIED ONIONSBuild up your energy reserves with this delicious lentil meal. The combo of rice, lentils and onions make this meal flavorful and a complete protein. A great meal to support the Stomach/Spleen and Kidney.
BREAKFAST BOWLSome days you just want more protein!  Eggs combined with beans offer a great boost for your morning activities.
BARLEY AND MUNG BEAN CEREALTogether barley and mung beans team-up to strengthen the digestive system and support future health. Mung beans enhances Liver function while barley strengthens the digestive system.
GARDEN FRESH BEAN SALADThe beans and fresh veggies are seasoned with lemon and lime juice to add a refreshing twist to your meal. This meal will cool the body and continue to support Kidney, Liver and Stomach function.
BLACK BEAN CHICKEN TACOThis meal is light and packed with veggies to cool down the body, support the digestive system and bring a bit of protein into the meal.
SUMMERY MUNG BEAN SALADMung beans are the number one food for healthy Liver function, and this summery salad with sunflower seeds supports the Heart. Mint will help cool the body in the summer heat.
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