After a tick bite, Western practitioners often prescribe a long course of antibiotics. Antibiotics impact your digestive system, Liver function and Kidney function, and therefore compromise your immune system. Without a healthy immune system, your body still cannot fight against the Lyme disease. When your body is not strong, the virus will find a way to hide within the body.

The body can heal itself. How can you provide the opportunity and support the body so that it can wake up and do its job?

Use Chinese medicine to build your body and enhance your immune system so the antibiotic can go where it is most needed and be effective. Grand Master Nan Lu recommends the following TCM protocol to help support the body.

1. Herbs: Sun with Moon (Liver/Gallbladder), Master Cleanse (digestive system), BCP3 (Kidney). Each herb formula has a unique purpose to support the body.

2. Dandelion: This natural antibiotic can be used internally (Saute fresh dandelion with garlic.) and externally (Place fresh ground dandelion on the site of the wound.) to heal after a tick bite.

3. Honey: Another one of Nature’s antibiotics, honey can also be used internally (add to hot tea) and externally (make a paste from ground garlic and honey and place on the site.).

Click below to listen to Grand Master Nan Lu’s tips.

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2 Responses to Complementary Lyme Disease Treatment
  1. I am always grateful for the amount of incredible information shared on the TCMWorld website. But today, with this post, I was blown away by Grand Master Lu’s unlimited well of generosity, that I just had to write! I feel ashamed I haven’t shared my gratitude sooner and I don’t want to take him for granted or the wonderful people who contribute to making this website so invaluable, amazing and special.

    • Thank you Meg for your heartfelt sentiments. The wisdom embedded in Chinese medicine and translated through the master is our opportunity to make humanity more aware of the full potential we each possess. Thank you for your partnership in sharing.


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