Ask Grand Master Lu: Past, Present, and Future

Question: How do I focus on the now while also connecting to the past? What is past? What is present?

Answer: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is present. The question becomes, how many people really enjoy the present moment? Living in the present moment is a state of enlightenment. People who live this way are able to discover the truth for themselves. But most people combine the past, present, and future. They focus on past experiences, dream of what might be in the future, and then make decisions based on both the past and the future.

Our entire society follows this formula. Take a look at insurance. It’s based on worry over the past and fear about the future. Why do we need to cover something that hasn’t yet happened? Insurance carries the consciousness of fear. Fear impacts Kidney function and your entire genetic line. We saw the same pattern with the Covid-19 pandemic—anxiety, panic, and fear.

Living for the past and/or the future creates an endless cycle of anxiety, panic, and fear. But reliving the past is very different from deeply connecting to the past. When you connect to the past, you tune in to the wisdom of the generations that came before you and use this intelligence to support the present moment.

Try this exercise:

Sit quietly and breathe. Feel your breath fill your body as your lungs expand and leave your body as your lungs contract. This breath is yours. In this very moment, your breath is supporting your whole being.

Place your hands on your navel—your connection to your mother, her mother, and all generations that came before. Can you feel the love and support of the previous generations? Bring their wisdom with you into the present moment. Open your eyes.


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