Ask Grand Master Lu: Limiting Beliefs

Question: My father and grandfather had heart disease. Should I expect to get it too?

Answer: For a moment, imagine the power of your genetic heritage. You have so many internal hidden assets! Your body’s genetic code has the instructions and essential intelligence it needs to heal itself. You have downloaded this treasure, passed from your ancestors, at birth. It’s in your DNA. But many of my patients have stories like yours: “My father had heart disease, so I’ll probably have it too.” Or, “My mother and sister had breast cancer; that’s why I have it now.”

When it comes to health and healing, I call these limiting beliefs. They direct our thoughts that in turn influence our emotions. Over time, these unbalanced emotions have the ability to sabotage organ function on an energetic level. We have marginalized our healing power as energy beings.

Deep inside you, there is a story—a story you have carried with you through generations past and a story that will continue on for generations to come. When it is your turn to live this story, you get to choose the characters, the story line, even the daily nuances that make the plot interesting or critical. These daily ongoings are all up to you. Instead of inheriting disease, why did you not inherit your father’s beautiful eyes or your grandmother’s musical ability? We choose the reality we live. A version of your genetic story lives deep within your energetic code. We carry the wisdom from generations past as well as the ability to “fix” whatever problems arise, so the messages that live on in our lineage are those of health and healing.

It’s strange to me to see how much our culture focuses on fighting or fearing health conditions. We seem to be in a state of perpetual alert for things that may cut as down at any moment. We seem to always be on the lookout for illness and disease. Why aren’t we on the lookout for health? Why aren’t we focusing on the gifts we inherit?

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