During the holidays, family gatherings often bring up deep-rooted issues—problems that many people would rather push aside for another year. Instead of ignoring them, can you find a way to resolve them? Everything in life is about perspective. Do your best to understand where your parents or grandparents are coming from.

Genetically, you are 50% of your mother and 50% of your father. In this life, you have chosen to express certain traits that stem from your mother’s side and other traits that stem from your father’s side. These traits may be physical—eye color, height, body shape, skin tone, smile, or dimples. The traits may also show themselves in terms of intelligence or other genetic gifts. However, instead of using their genetic wisdom to explore these gifts, 90% of people use their genetic wisdom to express illness or disease.

When you have relationship issues with your parents, a lot of your genetic wisdom remains hidden. Taking a step toward resolving these issues opens the door to discovering more about yourself and the gifts you’ve inherited from all ancestors in your familial line. This wisdom is buried within you. It’s up to you to discover it.


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