In ancient times, a mother and her son lived near the River Min. They were very poor. The boy hiked out to the country to gather and cut grass every morning. He then sold his clippings to the villagers for very little money. It was barely enough for the mother and son to survive.

But one year, there was a terrible drought. The boy continued to the countryside every morning, gathering whatever grass he could. As there was little to gather, the boy made little money and his mother soon fell ill from hunger.

The next day, the boy walked a bit further than before. Walking beside a dry stream bed, he came upon one single patch of lush, green grass. He quickly cut the grass, filled his satchel and carried it to the village. He sold the grass for more money than he had ever made before. Then he returned home and fed his mother a hearty meal.

The next day the boy returned to the same spot, hoping that luck would be on his side once again. To his surprise, the grass he had cut the day before had grown thick and green yet again. He cut every blade of grass, and returned home after earning enough money for another fine meal. The boy returned to the same patch of grass for five straight days, and rejoiced in his full belly at the end of each night.

But on the sixth day, the boy got lazy. Instead of walking to the magic patch of grass day after day, he decided to dig the grass by the roots and replant it beside his house.

So the boy hiked back to the grassy spot, where he dug for hours in the hot sun. He pulled away soil and roots until he came upon a beautiful white pearl. After admiring it in his hand, he put the pearl in his pocket and gathered the grass in his satchel. Then he started for home.

That night, the boy showed the pearl to his mother. “Let’s sell it!” he said happily.

“No, let’s keep it for awhile,” said his mother. She put the pearl in the rice jar, which was nearly empty, and the boy went out to plant his grass.

The next morning, the boy awoke early and ran outside to check on his grass. It was withered and dying. “Oh, I am a fool,” he cried. If only I had not been so lazy.”

As he turned, he spotted the rice jar, which was now brimming with rice. The pearl sat on top of the grains, glimmering in the sunlight. He called for his mother who cried in celebration and prepared them each a big bowl of rice.

They carefully placed the pearl back in the rice jar. The next morning, to their great joy, the jar was full once more.

“This is a magical pearl,” said the mother. “We must protect our treasure.” That night she put the pearl in the money box. The next morning, the box was overflowing with coins. The mother and son had no more worries. The pearl provided for everything they needed. And the mother and son shared their treasures with all of the people in their village.

But two men in the village demanded to know the secret to their sudden riches. “Our fortune is not a secret,” explained the mother. My son found a magic pearl.” As she opened her hand to show them, one man lunged forward to grab it. Before he could do that, the boy reached over, picked it up, and stuffed it into his mouth. The men shook the boy so hard to get the pearl, that he swallowed it.

The boy suddenly became very thirsty. The mother poured him glass after glass of water until she had nothing left to give. The boy ran outside and drank all of the water left in the well. Then he drained the river.

Then suddenly, a loud crack of thunder erupted as rain poured from the skies. The rains filled the river. The people were so grateful that the drought had ended that they hadn’t noticed the changes taking place in the boy.

He began to grow larger and larger, until he grew scales and horns, and turned into a dragon. His mother wept, knowing that the pearl was to blame.

As the dragon walked into the river, which was now spilling over its banks, his mother cried, “Come back, child.” The dragon turned around to look at her, causing his mighty tail to sweep the river’s edge and create huge mud banks.

The boy had become the guardian of the River Min, where he still lives to this day. He is the trusted protector of the magical pearl, which gives off a glowing light and continues to increase the bounty of all it encounters.


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  1. I also have a story to tell. Some 40 years ago, before my 3 children were born, i saw a golden dragon with its dragon ball, in the midnight dark sky. 5 years later, my son was born. From his date and time of birth, the fortune teller called him gold sea. 3 years later, my elder daughter was born. From her date and time of birth, the fortune teller called her gold dragon. 10 years later, my little daughter was born. Again, from her date and time of birth, the same fortune teller caller her dragon ball. There after, i know my 3 children were that of the dragon, the dragon ball and the pitch dark midnight sky i encounter, so many many years ago.

  2. my new and unfinished website: is named under them.


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