Looking for Love? The Answer is in Self-Trust

We often hear how important it is that we “love ourselves.” But this concept is so abstract. Does it mean that we should indulge our every desire? I’m supposed to love myself, so I’ll buy that new coat I’ve been wanting! And, yes, please add whipped cream to my already over-priced coffee—I love myself!

But love has nothing to do with indulgence. It has to do with trust—total and unwavering trust.

Let’s start with our bodies. Do you have one hundred percent trust in your body? Not many of us do. For example, the moment we feel any type of ailment, we immediately think, “Something is wrong. My body is letting me down! It just can’t keep up!”

If you want to truly love yourself, start by appreciating how loyal your body is to you. No matter how much abuse you put your body through—staying up too late, drinking alcohol, eating even though you’re not hungry—the body complies. The body then loyally heals itself as best it can. Appreciating the body is the first step to truly loving yourself.

You also need to look at your beliefs. We are energy beings. At the cellular level, our energy is connected to the unconditional loving energy of the Universe, the divine. From that perspective, our cells are love. They know how to vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love. But our minds and conventional thinking hold us back from seeing and accessing this love.

In order to really heal yourself, you have to love yourself. In order to love yourself, you have to change your belief system. By changing your belief system, you understand, “Wow, I’m loved. I am love.” It’s up to you to allow your mind to shift.


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