The Power of the Mind’s Energy

Your mind is based on beliefs. These beliefs are definitely true for you, although, they may not be ultimately true. Beliefs generate thoughts; thoughts in turn generate emotions. These emotional energies, especially if they are chronic or excessive, impact the organs and vice versa. Your mind moves your body; it is not the other way around. Your mind is the body’s operating system. Its “software” acts as the guidance system that operates the autonomic and conscious functions we perform all day and all night.

Desire—one of the mind’s characteristics—can have a strong impact on the body. You may have a desire to visit the Caribbean for a well-deserved vacation. There is much more to this mental activity than it appears. This thought itself is an energetic frequency with its own kind of power. Behind this desire are images of the location that your mind conjures up. You also use your imagination to create scenarios of you enjoying this tranquil vacation spot. Your mind thinks about the sensations you’ll enjoy and how you’ll feel when, at last, you’re resting on the beach. In reality, you may never take this vacation.

This whole adventure is a projection that takes place in your mind. However, these are not just wisps of thoughts that go drifting off into the atmosphere. The mind’s processing will register in the body. This desire can and— for many people—will cause internal energetic shifts. The idea of a vacation may excite you and your heart rate may change; your blood pressure may lower as you think of relaxing; your brain waves might even register different patterns that reflect positive changes. These thoughts and their linked emotions change the electromagnetic field around you. All of these actions may be invisible, but they are not without their impact. In this case, the example is a positive one. But you can see how critical it is to appreciate the power of the mind’s energy and what it can do to your body. We just have to understand, it’s all energy!


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky


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