Ask Grand Master Lu: Kindness

Love and kindness can have a huge ripple effect on the world at large. Spreading love to those around us encourages them to open their hearts to others. As love and kindness are shared, the pattern continues, spreading the circle of love wide and far. In honor of today, World Kindness Day, we asked Grand Master Lu, “What is the best way to reciprocate a person’s kindness?”

This is how he responded: When you do something for someone, or someone does something for you, you both have to be appreciative in order to receive the gift. You should thank someone who lets you do something for them. If I give you something, I thank you for receiving my gift. If a gift is rejected, the “thank you” would be gone. See? All the creativity, thought and self-expression that went into choosing the gift is gone if the person says “No, I don’t want it.” Then the giver gets angry and feels hurt. So the person you should thank is the one who receives your gift.

Kindness has the power to change your life and the lives of others. Be kind always!