April 29, 2016

Does “Manopause” Really Exist?

It’s a hot topic currently being debated by the medical community – male menopause, often humorously referred to...
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April 28, 2016

Kitchen Pharmacy: Ginger

Did you know that ginger can help treat food allergies? Whether taken internally or used topically, this medicinal food has...

April 27, 2016

Words of Wisdom: The Fear of Change

Change is good; it's a necessary part of life. But change can also be very hard to embrace. Grand Master Lu shares his words...

We inspire individuals to rediscover the body’s healing wisdom

We are a community of individuals that recognizes each of us creates our own reality and healing is in our hands. Our strong, Qigong-based orientation has allowed us to develop unique wellness and professional training programs. We invite health-seekers searching for ways to create a balanced life to learn about our work and discover how we can grow together.

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April 28

New Six-Week Dragon's Way® Class Begins

When the body is in balance great things begin to show in your life. Emotional balance, weight loss, a fresh outlook on life and a deep connection to your body’s needs. We guarantee results. Learn more

Medical Qigong
May 4

Info Session: What Does It Take To Become a Dragon's Way ® Instructor?

Find out what’s involved in becoming a Dragon’s Way Instructor and how you can use this system to open the door to wellness for your patients and clients.  May 4, 12:30 p.m. (EST) Dial 218-844-1930, 467623# and ask your questions.


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