July 26, 2016

Straight From the Heart

A body in balance is a body in harmony. The true pathway to healing does not involve external help; it's all...

We inspire individuals to rediscover the body’s healing wisdom

We are a community of individuals that recognizes each of us creates our own reality and healing is in our hands. Our strong, Qigong-based orientation has allowed us to develop unique wellness and professional training programs. We invite health-seekers searching for ways to create a balanced life to learn about our work and discover how we can grow together.

Qigong, Foods, Lifestyle

Preventative Qigong Practice

Healthy Eating Suggestions


July 17-24

7-Day Taoist Journey to Heart Harmony

You won’t want to miss our newest distance learning program which includes exclusive Qigong practice, a daily video message from Grand Master Lu, farm-to-table eating plan and more.  Learn more

October 12

LifeForce Tao of Medical Qigong Studies

Medical Qigong study is a serious training program for those interested in learning how to diagnose energy imbalances and use energy for healing.  Learn more