Words of Wisdom: to the Mind that is Still

In our daily lives, our minds are constantly churning. We worry, process; fear, process; think, process; dream, process; and live in a state of constant motion. The very concept of “being still” is foreign to many, especially little ones growing up in our fast-paced society. Food comes fast, coffee even faster. But beyond that, information flies at us at what seems like the speed of light. Whatever we see, hear, feel and experience, we must also process. That’s the huge job of our Spleen/Stomach. As we begin to bid adieu to Late Summer (the season where Spleen/Stomach Qi is most dominant) and look forward to Fall, we must begin to listen to Nature and to our bodies in their pleas to just let go. This is the message of Fall and of the Lung/Large Intestine pair—just let go.

When we slow down, let go and begin to live quieter “in the moment” lives, we see the message behind Taoist wisdom. The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once stated, “To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders.” When we allow our minds to be quiet and we give ourselves permission to do the same, we begin to see life in a whole new light. The Universe reveals itself to us as a beautifully wrapped gift. A once overlooked sunset and the intricacies of a delicate new bloom become moments of complete bliss as our eyes are opened to the majesty of the world around us.

As we transition into the Lung/Large Intestine season of Fall, breathe, slow down and notice everything around you. Allow yourself to delve more deeply into Nature. Listen to the crickets chirping and flies buzzing. Intently watch the skies as day turns into night and the beautiful colors of the sunset give way to a starry sky. Embrace the changing colors of the landscape and the last few blooms of Late Summer. And as you exhale, allow yourself to release and let go. In doing so, the whole Universe will surrender.


Embrace this Wisdom

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