Fall’s Gifts and Nature’s Lessons

With the Fall equinox behind us and October just a few days away, Nature has made a clear transition into Fall. The weather is cool and the air is crisp. Every Fall, Nature gives us a big show of color, followed by a period of dryness and then release, as the trees let go of their leaves.

Every change that takes place in Nature also occurs within each of us. Nature always provides guidance. Are you tuned in to its messages?

Find your color

Nature’s gorgeous displays of reds, oranges, and yellows fill once-green treetops. Before Nature finds time to rest, it has one last burst of color to release the beauty it’s been holding within. In similar fashion, let your inner color shine! Experiment with a new clothing style or a fun new hobby. Expand your horizons and allow yourself to tap into the beauty that resides within YOU.

Let Go!

It’s easy to think of leaves falling from the perspective of the host—the tree. Trees hold onto their leaves, and then lose them every Fall, right? That’s what we’ve always been taught. And from one perspective, it’s true. But what if instead of losing leaves, the trees simply let them go?

Losing implies sadness and grief, which are the emotions tied to the Fall season, the Metal element, and the leading organ systems—Lung and Large Intestine. However, letting go implies closure. Trees innately “know” that they will release their leaves every Autumn. They don’t use up extra Qi to hang on tightly, just as the leaves don’t ache to maintain their connection. Trees innately know their branches would become too heavy under the weight of Winter snow and that the leaves’ veins would fill with water and freeze, preventing food production come Spring. So they simply and gracefully cut off ties and give those leaves a little push.

Sound familiar? Let go so you can truly be free. Don’t expend extra Qi holding onto something that no longer serves you.

Turn Inward

As leaves scatter across the ground and trees are left bare, Nature gives us yet another lesson: turn inward. The process of trees releasing their leaves is an act of survival. It’s that healthy put-yourself-first motto that many have a hard time following. As fallen leaves decompose, their nutrients help sustain plants and animals that either live in the soil or will grow in the Spring. By putting themselves first, trees allow their leaves to stretch out and nourish the entire ecosystem.

Leaves are the food-producing parts of the tree. While leafless trees can no longer make food, they are still very much alive. Without food, they sit dormant and rest until new leaves can grow and unfurl in Spring. So take their lead. Do something just for you. And then rest—deeply rest—so that you can stretch your branches and begin your process of rebirth.

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