With Our Thoughts We Make the World

“You are what you think!” Grand Master Nan Lu has been quoted saying this numerous times. But isn’t the standard saying, “You are what you eat”?

If you spend about a week or two tracking your eating habits, you’ll notice some patterns. Do you eat a lot of sugary, processed foods? Are you focused on a clean lifestyle with eating-for-healing at the helm? Regardless of what is on your plate, you’re digesting far more than what you put in your mouth.

We digest not only food and drink, but thoughts, emotions, news stories and experiences. So what are you digesting now? If you’ve turned on the news over the past 5 months, you’ve likely heard about virus totals, riots and fears about returning to school—from both the parent and teacher perspectives. None of that makes for easy digestion. However, through these months of darkness, we’ve also been privy to the good. People are coming together to support one another. Neighbors are volunteering to grocery shop for elderly couples and those in need. Nature has been given time to recover. All of these rays of sunshine have the opportunity to drown out the sadness and the darkness—if only we allow them to take on a prominent role.

So when you turn on the news or walk down the street, what are you choosing to focus on?

Buddha was quoted saying, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” If we spend our lives being fearful about what might happen, we lose sight of the bigger picture. Yes, our nation and our world at large are in need of love, light and healing. But all of that goodness starts with each and every one of us.

So focus your healing within. When a fearful or worrisome thought comes to mind, choose to see it from a new perspective. Focus your thoughts on the positive. Little-by-little, begin to reshape your life and your perspective. Our collective thoughts are what make the world.

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