Choosing Your Beliefs; Creating Your Reality

The mind is an elusive thing. It travels between the visible and the invisible. It is dynamic, moving energy. It’s easy to see the solid physical structure that is your body in three-dimensional reality; it’s a far different thing to see what makes up the psychic structure of beliefs in your invisible mind.

The mind chooses what it wants to connect to, based on beliefs it has formed. Often, we find ourselves face-to-face with the unhealthy effects of the mind without understanding the source of the emotions or feelings we’re processing. How can we change this situation? The answer sounds simple, but it’s not actually so easy. Change your belief so you can change your channel!

When you turn on the television, you can tune in to your favorite show. This is the choice you’ve made. But when the program ends and you turn off the television, the images in the airwaves are still there. Think of the TV screen as a representation of your body. When you turn on, you have the ability to connect to multiple channels—beliefs. You do the choosing. What do you want to play on your 3-D screen? Different beliefs are like airwaves—they are always there. But you get to choose the channel you want to experience. Nothing enters the body without your mind’s permission.

The beliefs we hold cause our minds to associate with the particular thoughts we’d like to express. These thoughts generate actual frequencies that help us express our spirit in this reality. It can be very difficult to give up a belief. But if we can change the negative beliefs that impact health, we can make tremendous healing progress, Changing beliefs lets us switch channels. It saves us from dwelling on ideas and situations that continue to cause unbalanced emotions, and consequently feed illness and disease.

There are so many channels and programs to choose from, so many websites and destinations to visit. So, what is your purpose for choosing this belief? Why are you holding onto it? We never choose anything we don’t believe will benefit us in some way. When you change your beliefs, your whole life can become happier and lighter. Your health can improve. The choice is yours. What do you want to focus on?

Your mind is the energetic engine that drives metabolism function. Can you appreciate your body’s oneness and inseparability? The healthful choices we make in terms of beliefs support he highest level of metabolism function. If you always associate with the good, you will become the good. If you always associate with the negative, you will become the negative. This is the real power of attraction that energetic frequencies exert on each other. You can improve your metabolism function every day by choosing positive, healthful beliefs.

Changing beliefs is possible. When beliefs change, your eyes can look at the same reality and see different things. Then, different outcomes are possible. This kind of shift represents a real-life example of relativity. It tells us that when we alter our angle of view, we see different things. Each of us sees reality from our own angle. We may all look at a beautiful sunset on the beach; however, you will see it at a different angle than someone else. While we might all witness the same scene, it will be uniquely ours—somehow the same, but somehow individual to us.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” -Buddha

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Metabolism Functionby Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky