Each year, butterflies migrate en-mass to Mexico and California. Monarchs travel about 3,000 miles along the same path every single time—a path they innately know. And when these monarchs are ready to return to their native climates, they do so instinctively, returning to the same spot even after a gap of many generations.

The meaning and symbolism of the entrancing butterfly is interwoven with its process of metamorphosis. From a simple egg, the butterfly changes into a larva (a caterpillar). It then enters a cocoon, from which it emerges in colorful flight. Change and transformation are what the butterfly is all about. As Wayne Dyer once said, “Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”

It’s your turn to follow the example of the butterfly. It’s your time to transform. When you open your mind and change your beliefs, miracles happen.



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