Which Seeds Will You Sow?

Taoist wisdom says change is a natural process. Just look at the natural world around you: everything changes effortlessly. It all flows, one thing into the next. But why do humans have so much trouble accepting change? Is it simpler to accept the status quo?

No one would be surprised if they planted tomato seeds and juicy, red tomatoes grew. But sometimes, we plant tomatoes and expect to see cauliflower. So, ask yourself: What do you really want in life? What makes YOU happy?

Your life is meant to be happy. You are here on Earth to fulfill your true purpose.

If you spend the majority of the day working, and besides a paycheck, truly feel no fulfillment, stop and assess your life. What changes can you make so your job is happier? What can you do outside of work that will leave you feeling refreshed and joyful? If you want more joy or peace in your life, you must sow those types of seeds. That might mean choosing to spend more time doing things that actually make you happy or being with people who embody the change you want for yourself. Remember, at the deepest level of reality, we create what we experience.

Expand Yourself!

Do you Put Yourself First? Learn to say no once in awhile and find time for the most important person in your life—you!

Connect with Your Internal Gifts: When you change your beliefs, you open yourself to experiencing life through a much fuller lens.  Once your belief changes, the purpose will change. You are holding the key!