Life Will Go On: Find Your Inner Peace

“Inner peace, inner peace, inner peace. Life will go on and the intended outcome, simply IS.” – Grand Master Lu

No matter where you go or what you do, there will always be stressors around you. There will always be angry people and hateful words. Disasters—whether created by nature or man—will always occur. These things have happened since the beginning of time. You cannot control them. Let the outside world spin. No matter what you hear or see, life will go on.

Every morning, the sun will rise, and every evening it will set. These events are a constant. A blanket of snow will nourish the land every winter. Trees and flowers will burst through the frozen ground with new energy every Spring. And colorful leaves will dance to the ground every Fall. These things are a constant. Regardless of what is happening around you—good or bad—it is your job to travel inward on a journey to find your own inner peace. Find your sanctuary where life’s ups and downs don’t shake you. Let inner peace be a bridge to lift you higher than stress and anger. Make inner peace your new constant—as constant as the seasons which come and go and then repeat again. Feel it, breathe it, live it—and then share it.

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