Inner Peace for Healing

Our modern lives are harried. Whether we are going to work, taking kids to practices, or running errands, it seems we are always on the go. And in this state of constant motion, we still expect our bodies to perform all the tasks we throw at them. It’s no wonder we end up feeling bloated after eating or feeling depleted after spending the day on the computer. We ask our bodies to do and do without providing much-needed downtime.

Many of us have at least one thing on our healing wish list. Whether it’s food allergies, seasonal aches and pains, or a larger concern, it is impossible to truly heal while you are in a constant state of motion.

To help heal yourself from within, it is vital to bring as much calm as possible into your life. Peace and calm can directly benefit your Liver, the organ most affected by stress.

Five Ways to Bring Calm to Your Day:

  1. Take time for you. Caring for yourself is not selfish–it’s self-healing. Carve out at least 30 minutes every day for your personal self-care routine. Practice Qigong, meditate, go for a walk, sing in the shower, or do something else that makes you feel alive and replenished.
  2. Release the pressure. We often create stress by taking on more than we can handle. Learn how to say “no”. Then look at your lifestyle and determine how subtle changes can bring calm into your daily routine.
  3. Let it go! Holding onto anger, resentment, worry, and impossible-to-finish ‘to-do’ lists are surefire ways to amp up your feelings of aggravation.
  4. Eat clean. Visit a farmer’s market and choose organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Use minimal preparation methods, such as a quick saute or stir fry. Cutting out sugar and heavy dairy and meats will allow your digestive system to rest and recover,
  5. Early to bed, early to rise. Get to bed before midnight! Being well-rested makes it much easier to wake up feeling refreshed and make it through your day with a sense of peace and calm.