Tom’s Story: Seasonal Transitions Through Qigong

Illness can be a portal into the 5 Element Consciousness.
For more than a decade, I have been suffering from the annual winter seasonal flu, often times directly after Thanksgiving Day. The seasonal flu for me includes fever and chills, throat infection, runny nose, bone aches and fatigue which can then take up to 3 to 4 weeks to fully resolve. This year, I felt the flu symptoms coming on with a migraine instead of a fever. Surprisingly, I was able to get through these symptoms without coming down with the actual flu.
To understand why this year’s flu experience was so different from previous years, I applied the 5 Element Framework to gain better optics. I have been practicing the standing meditation from Dragon’s Way Qigong: The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth, to build energy, along with Morning Qi Joint Practices with Grand Master Lu. After weeks of practice, I felt physically stronger and my digestion improved. The 5 Element Framework helped me to see that strength is related to joints, not muscles. Since I stimulate my joints energetically, it helped improve my Liver function which in turn impacted my digestion. The Liver and Stomach share a unique energetic relationship. Now I sleep more deeply and feel more energized.
My Qigong practices have helped me to smoothly transition as the seasons changed. What a gift to feel healthy and strong instead of dealing with the misery of the flu. Thank You, Grand Master Lu! You are a profound teacher!
-Tom Lee

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