Words of Wisdom: Life Does Not Happen To You

We often look at life from the perspective that things happen to us and for us. This makes sense. After all, we are the center of our own Universe.

But when we look at life from the larger perspective, we see that life does not happen to us at all. Things in life do not occur because you did something right—or wrong. Instead, they happen because this is your story.

In life, we must have faith that we are where we are intended to be, even if the road seems rocky or unfamiliar. We must trust that we are on this path for a reason, and that this path—no matter how unkempt it may be—will lead to one with much greater promise. Throughout life, you transition from one path to another. And as you do so, you begin to build layers of knowing—layers of hidden consciousness—that help you to see, even when you do not know where to look.

As human beings, we have developed this invisible wall around ourselves that protects us from the fears and realities of everyday life. However this wall also keeps us from seeing our true potential. We are part of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Every fiber of our beings is filled with energy. It beats and moves, just as the wind blows and the rain patters down. Nature is energy. Song is energy. Dance is energy. We are energy.

When we begin to see and understand our connection to Universal energy and knowledge, we learn to break down that wall, brick by brick. We learn to let go of negative energy. And we learn to take in all that is good. In doing so, we begin to see our pathway much more clearly. We still run into confusion, worry, fear, and pain, but we begin to see these circumstances differently—they are all part of the larger picture. And we begin to trust that life is happening as it needs to happen, to teach us something that we need to learn in order to reach our own personal destiny.

So stop and assess your life. Who is in your life? What is happening at the moment? Can you begin to look at these people and events from a different perspective? Everyone we encounter is there to teach us something. Every relationship serves a purpose. Have you ever wondered why the Universe feels so small, when you know it to be so immense? For example, why did you run into an old high school friend, when you no longer live near your hometown? Was it a chance encounter, or was there a reason you reconnected? Look at the larger picture. What can that person teach you and what can you teach her?

Sometimes the answers are crystal clear, and other times we need to search a bit harder and look a bit deeper. Sometimes we aren’t meant to know the answer until the timing is right. We are on a journey of trust and faith. The best way to find your path is to trust and have faith that you are right where you need to be.

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