The Visible and Invisible: Things Your Body Accepts

The invisible is always more powerful than the visible. At the spiritual level, nothing enters your body without your permission. We may say otherwise, but that’s the truth. Nothing—no idea, information, food, virus, bacteria—enters our physical being without agreement on the consciousness level. From this angle, let’s look at the visible and invisible and how they affect the body, mind and spirit. Whatever we see is visible. It can be food, or information, a love letter—or even a hate letter for that matter—an email, a phone call. Anything that can be picked up with the five senses comes from the visible.

Then, there is invisible information. You walk down the street and sneeze for no apparent reason. This sneeze is related to something invisible you cannot perceive with your senses. But, why do you sneeze? You may have picked up some invisible energetic frequency without your mind consciously processing it. Or, it’s possible you have a board meeting in five days you’re dreading. Suddenly, you come down with a bad cold. What’s going on? Because we have moved to looking at things from the Spirit level, we have to consider your sixth sense. It may indeed be that your sixth sense picked up some kind of message you need now in preparation for a future event. It is possible for invisible information to pass to your energy field this way. Consciousness does not operate within time and space, so these kinds of events are possible.

As you tune up your metabolism function, you may be able to sense these invisible messages that create transformational actions in your body. Take irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, for example. It involves nervousness you discount or something you sense but don’t know how to deal with. The Western framework sometimes says the root cause is in your mind, but why are you nervous? Your mind can’t pinpoint the reasoning, but your consciousness knows. You have picked up something energetically that you don’t know how to process using the rational mind. Let’s say your body is trying to release tension, but unfortunately you can’t. This stress, if experienced on a chronic basis, can create an illness that involves releasing loose stool. This release happens, but you don’t know why; you don’t know how. The sixth sense is involved.

Here’s another way to view the invisible. Sometimes people have a stubborn allergy. Even though they change or eliminate all possible environmental allergens—pets, bedclothes and so on—they still suffer from allergy symptoms. Or it could be their body has an allergic reaction to different foods. So they stop the foods. One patient’s diet had become so restricted she was down to just about water and crackers! Everything she ate caused an allergy. So when all these things are changed and eliminated, why does the allergic reaction remain? The body is still picking up invisible information. The best way to deal with this is to treat it as an energy frequency that has become unbalanced. The solution is to rebalance it, not create a deeper search for better drugs, surgery or further changes in the external world.

The invisible can be something science has not even discovered yet. Many times, we are not able to define something, but we know it. Sometimes, we may pick up information we did not read in a book or learn from an “authoritative source,” but we do understand it. We feel it. Think about this concept: We can’t even define deep space, God, perfect harmony or even love. We can, however, feel them. We are aware of them in our being. Your body is a sensitive, energetic tuning fork. If you can view yourself in this light, you will be amazed at the things you can encounter.

Perceiving the invisible also depends on your level of belief. To exercise your sixth sense, ask yourself, how much you really want to “see”? Take light, for example. We only experience one one-thousandth of the entire light spectrum. The rest of the spectrum is basically invisible to us. That doesn’t mean these frequencies aren’t valuable and even necessary to our lives. It doesn’t mean they don’t impact us. Just because we are not able to measure things, doesn’t mean they don’t have an important purpose.

Who knows what inventions and breakthroughs will develop in this century? If someone had told you less than twenty years ago that more than seven billion people would have the opportunity to connect through an invisible network that spanned the globe, would you have believed them? There are so many things that impact us on so many levels, yet we persist in believing our five senses are the ultimate indicators of reality. This leads us to screen out valuable information that could help us significantly improve health and change our lives.

Can you see yourself as an energetic being capable of connecting to the visible and the invisible? Remember, the invisible is always more powerful than the visible. How do these messages affect your body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level?

Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function


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