San Jiao: The Powerful Mystery Meridian for Metabolism Function

When we look to the organ that controls metabolism function, most people would go to the Stomach. However, it’s not a physical organ at all; it’s a mystery meridian called the San Jiao—the body’s most powerful energy pathway for metabolism function. The San Jiao is the only meridian that is not associated with a physical organ. There’s no “middle man” to interrupt its functioning at the energetic level.

With no physical organ to slow its speed, the San Jiao can more easily impact any of its eleven fellow meridians, as well as any of the body’s major organs. The human body is a microcosm of Nature and the Universe. This microcosmic relationship exists because of the connection with the body’s invisible meridian network. It is through these powerful invisible meridians that Universal Qi can be downloaded, translated, transported to and transformed by the body.

Metabolism Function

When we talk about metabolism function, we are talking about an entire integrated, multidimensional network of three critical paired organ systems—Spleen-Stomach, Liver-Gallbladder, Kidney-Bladder—as well as the Lung–Large Intestine and Heart–Small Intestine. Our whole body must reflect and interact with the much larger macro systems of Nature and the Universe.

For metabolism function to work at its highest level, it must reflect and act like the macrocosm of Universe. Therefore, the human body has to have a meridian system in order to connect to Nature and unlimited Universal Qi. The real secret of healthy metabolism function is that the invisible meridians, not the physical organs, have ultimate control of the body!

In Western translations, the San Jiao is often referred to as the Triple Burner, Triple Heater or Triple Warmer. San means “three” and Jiao means “cooperate with,” “connect together” or “cross together.” However, San Jiao encompasses a special spiritual concept as well. For the past 5,000 years, the concept of the San Jiao meridian has remained essentially the same. What can the San Jiao do? What kind of healing capabilities does it have? These questions remain unanswered.

Energetic Connections

While associated with the Kidney by location, San Jiao is associated with the Gallbladder by energetic frequency. This means San Jiao and Gallbladder meridians share the same vibrational frequency and are compatible with each other. The San Jiao meridian has the ability to connect to the Gallbladder’s energy frequency. Because of this close relationship they are able to transfer Qi and messages back and forth from one meridian to another.

Even though the San Jiao meridian does not have a connection to an organ, it does have a partner, the Pericardium. The Pericardium is, of course, a physical organ. It is the membranous sac surrounding the heart that keeps it in place and working properly. It is often referred to as the guardian of the heart. This meridian can directly impact the Heart’s function. Many times before heart disease appears, it is the Pericardium that signals a problem first. Simply put, healthy metabolism function always depends on how well the San Jiao meridian functions.

Relationships: San Jiao, Gallbladder and Liver Meridians

Having to connect to physical organs is like having extra baggage that can slow down the speed at which the body’s signals move.
While San Jiao is the only meridian that does not have an organ counterpart, the Gallbladder meridian is the only meridian that connects the front with the back of the body. And the Gallbladder meridian is the only energy channel that has many connecting points where it joins with other meridians. The San Jiao and the Gallbladder are two unique meridians that are essential for the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body.

Stress and Emotions

Why and how can imbalances of emotional energetic frequencies lead to physical problems? Today, our entire society has evolved in such a way that most aspects of it negatively impact Liver function. Virtually everyone is under some kind of stress. Who is not worried about their personal situation? The economy? The health of their family? Job security? Food security? Politics? Energy prices? The environment? Who isn’t troubled by global conflicts? And on and on! Everywhere we turn, there is tremendous stress. How can metabolism function stay strong, if we don’t address what it takes to keep it running smoothly?
Think of this serious chain reaction: chronic stress impacts and unbalances Liver function; unbalanced Liver function disturbs the balanced relationship with its partner, the Gallbladder; the Gallbladder in turn impacts the most powerful meridian for metabolism function, San Jiao. And then, the Liver-Gallbladder team can’t honor the request of the Spleen-Stomach for Qi or vital energy to keep it working. It’s like a train wreck in slow motion.
Increasing metabolism function allows the Gallbladder meridian to operate at its best. To meet this requirement, you have to go with the flow, eliminate worry and practice having guts to “go for it”! If your Liver function is healthy, then its partner, the Gallbladder will also function well.
Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function

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