Anger Rising

Have you ever walked into a social gathering, saw someone across the room, and immediately felt anger rise within you? Your heart rate suddenly increased and your breathing became shallow, as you felt your facial muscles tighten. These physical responses likely surprised you. You don’t know this person—she is well dressed and beautiful. Why would you feel angry just by seeing her?

Your beliefs and your imagination have created this response. Coincidentally, she looks just like your first girlfriend with whom you had a bad break-up. You have tied an old memory to a new picture, with the result of “I don’t like her.”

When you feel an emotion, you “see” the EFFECT of it, not the CAUSE.  The CAUSE of your emotion is associated with your beliefs. Your beliefs impact how you receive information from all around and within you.

You receive information via your Conscious and Unconscious mind.  In the above example, your Unconscious mind received this information and put things together before your Conscious mind could “screen” it.  The Unconscious mind it is more powerful than the Conscious mind, because it is deeply embedded in your energetic system.

To change your emotions, you must look at your beliefs. To change your emotional responses (EFFECT), you must change your beliefs (CAUSE).

Once an emotion (like anger) arises, you must process it and understand it. This can be difficult. But the most important thing is learning not to suppress negative emotions like anger. Emotions are energy and energy carries information. Emotional energy will find similar frequencies of energy and information inside your organs. As the energy gathers and accumulates, the equation E=mc2 comes into play. Energy equals mass. The energy accumulation gets bigger and bigger—that’s why lumps, tumors, and cancer occur. The mass is just an accumulation of the energy from the negative emotions.

So how can you process anger when it rises?

  1. Do something that you love, and find what makes you happy. Attract something positive to yourself.
  2. Listen to music, especially classical music. Many composers, like Mozart, wrote music intuitively. They would “hear or see” the entire piece in their head before writing the composition. Universal love is always behind intuition. Listening to music will help you feel the love and better equip you to process the anger.
  3. Spend time in Nature. Mother Earth has digested many years of human history (its hate, its love, and its chaos). Connecting with Mother Earth may help you “digest” your own emotions.