The Fear of Symptoms

The Winter season is associated with the Kidney and its partner, the Bladder. According to the Five Element Consciousness Framework, each organ system in the body is connected to a number of interconnections, both within the body and in Nature. One such connection is emotions. Emotions are the body’s way of communicating. Approaching emotions as signs allows you to understand your body from an energetic perspective. The emotion associated with the Kidney/Bladder system is fear. If you experience chronic fear, your body is saying that your Kidney needs energetic support.

But fear is not something we can easily hide from. We are continually inundated with messages and advertisements marking the body’s signs—or symptoms—as things to fear. Instead of listening to the body and responding positively, many of us jump to negative worst-case scenarios the second a symptom appears.

Instead of focusing on what a symptom could be, try to shift your perspective. Think instead about what the body is trying to share with you. By welcoming the body’s messages, you open a powerful new level of communication.

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