Just Breathe

Humans are complex creatures. We create worlds—both physical and emotional—for ourselves and for those around us. We live among societal expectations, sometimes defying—and other times walking alongside—perceived expectations. And we fulfill multiple roles, sometimes working so hard to perform exceptionally, that the other areas of our lives are put to the side.

Many would agree that their lives are stressful, busy and over-complicated. Whether a result of societal expectations or personal drive is up to the individual to decide. However, one thing is certain, in the last few decades, life has become faster. With the invention of the cell phone and immediate responses via text messages and emails, many people have developed a ‘societal impatience’ that translates to other areas of life. For example, instead of calmly waiting for a red light to turn green, many pull out their phones, hoping to fill those 10 seconds with something “productive”. And once we return home after a long day of work, we often cannot separate our personal and work lives as we are so accessible via mobile devices.

After a full day of pushing through every second—on the morning commute, while in work, and on the train ride home—there is often nothing left to give by the end of the day. Our children and grandchildren are growing up in a time where in-person conversations have been replaced by texts, cell phones separate families at the dinner table and handwritten letters have all but gone by the wayside. Why and when did life become so complicated and impersonal? And how do we meld into this ‘world’ without losing sight of ourselves?

The sides of ourselves that get left for last are the ones we often need to boost the most. So, stop. Just stop and breathe.

Notice your breath flowing through you. Become aware of your presence on this Earth, in this place, surrounded by all of the good in this world. Yes, life is complicated and full of frustrations, worries and fears, but it is also immensely good. Nature nourishes, seasons change, Earth spins. In a world full of change, all of this is constant. Long after we are all gone from Earth, these constants will remain.

Breathe and know that you are in this place, in this life, for a reason. This world will bring out the best in you if you can allow it to do so. Find your inner strength. Find peace in knowing that your daily struggles—some large and some small—may eventually turn into your greatest stories. And when you return to your harried schedule, remember to pause and breathe again. Begin to let go of what limits you. Find your smile. Find what makes you happy, from the inside-out. Because life is just too short to be anything but happy.

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