Eating for Health and Weight Loss

The daily wear and tear of a stressful modern lifestyle quickly creates imbalance in our lives. While still on the energetic level, this imbalance is invisible. We often accept it as a “right of passage.” However, over time, the invisible imbalances build upon each other and the body starts to send us signs. We may feel achy when it rains, gain weight or have digestive issues. If these symptoms are ignored, the body knocks harder to give us more cues that we need to start listening.

Energetic balance is critical to maintaining a healthy digestive system and a well-functioning metabolism. If the body is energetically in balance, it will not suffer from disease, illness and excess weight.

In the Eastern tradition, bringing the body back into balance involves energy movements, such as Qigong, herbs designed to target the digestive organs and an eating-for-healing plan. Eating for ultimate health and weight loss is based on energy. Instead of focusing on calories and nutrients, the TCM approach looks at the deeper energetic properties of food that can help to rebalance the body and boost its energy.

Eating-for-healing tips to help restore balance:

1. Eat to stop energy drains! Replace your unhealthy eating habits that cause “energy drains” with new ones. For example, enjoy oatmeal or barley for breakfast instead of starting your day with a smoothie. Try soups and roasted vegetables for lunch and dinner. Eating heavy meats, dairy, and raw or cold foods uses up a lot of Qi. By eating light, warming foods, your Qi can instead be used for healing.

2. Eat to support your digestive system. The healing essence of certain foods connects to the frequency of various organ systems. Try warming foods that are grown in the earth (sweet potato, squash) to support the Spleen and Stomach, green and sour foods (dandelion, pickles) to support the Liver and salty foods or seafood (bone broth, shellfish) to boost the Kidney.

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