Darylene’s Story: The Power of Acupuncture and Self-Healing

Why? That was my thought as I reflected back on the morning of November 11th.

When I awoke, my right leg wouldn’t move and I felt as if I was swaying. Later I was diagnosed with a clot in my basilar artery. Remarkably, I not only survived but had no side effects. Why?

On that morning, as I sat on my bed, I knew that something wasn’t right. As I prayed the Hail Mary, I also rubbed the acupuncture point located between the bottom of my nose and my upper lip. My acupuncturist said this was a very powerful spot. I had also been rubbing this spot as part of Master Lu’s Qigong for Coronavirus Prevention.

I believe that God was in control, assuring that I had the best medical personnel and guiding me in my lifestyle, of which acupuncture is a significant part.

Why was my recovery so remarkable? There certainly are many reasons. But a holistic lifestyle is beneficial for sure!


– Darylene Lehmer