As a culture, Americans are obsessed with beauty. Multi-billion dollar industries are devoted to the pursuit of everlasting youth–plastic surgery, makeup and hair products, miracle creams, and so on. You can spend your time and money searching for the perfect product, but all the clever technology in the world can’t buy true beauty–that must be cultivated from within.

Your physical self is a mirror of your inner self. Your skin, nails, hair, eyes, and body will always reflect your thoughts, beliefs, and inner reality. So instead of re-sculpting your body and physical looks, revisit your beliefs about your own self-worth. Start viewing yourself as healthy, strong, and beautiful. This practice of believing in the unique beauty of you is what brings true outward beauty. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, and admire yourself on a daily basis. Once you internalize self-love, your outward appearance will change for all the world to see.

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