Communication on a Deeper Level

Since the beginning of time, living beings have used language to communicate. Whether spoken, signed, written, or sent through sound waves, language is an important tool used to express information, develop culture, and further each species.

In any given day, could you calculate the number of words you speak or write? That number would likely be in the ten thousands, if not higher. Now add to that the number of unspoken gestures—finger pointing, eye movements, facial expressions, body postures—you use. Can you see that number rising? As a species, human beings have developed infinite ways to express our emotions and relay information to others.

When we delve down to the level of energy, we see communication on a different level. Each muscle, joint, and organ in the body vibrates at its own energetic frequency. Each “speaks” its own language. You are the conductor of this orchestra, helping each of the body’s parts to play their own unique sound, so that together, the body’s vibration plays a beautiful symphony. In order for this to happen, each instrument must be tuned to the same notes.

How do you use your Qi to create a symphony? The goal is Oneness. In this instance, Oneness is not a noun; it’s a verb—an action. Finding balance and reaching a state of harmony between your body, mind, and Spirit is critical to the larger puzzle of interconnectedness and Oneness. From the spiritual and energetic perspective, everything is energy and everything is intricately connected.


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