Every Single Step

When a baby is born, a foot is dipped in ink and placed on a piece of cardstock. While this is used for identification purposes, it also serves as a keepsake for the new mother. As with fingerprints, every person has a unique set of ridges and patterns on their toes.

Throughout your life, you make your mark on the world. You step onto the Earth and impact everything around you. Will your footprint have a positive or negative effect? That is your choice alone.

Your footprint is what you put out into the Universe. How many days have you been alive? How many footprints have you made? Every single step means something.

We, humans, are part of our living breathing planet. How lucky are we that we get this opportunity to personally enhance our world? While our impact may be felt on Earth, let it be felt for good. Live in a way that replenishes and heals. Then your unique footprint will truly make a difference.

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