Ask Grand Master Lu: Motivation to Practice

Question: I have been practicing Qigong for about 6 months. At the beginning, I was very motivated, but now I feel it’s getting repetitive—I do the same postures and movements day after day. How can I motivate myself to continue?

Answer: How can you continue to wash the same body and brush the same teeth every day? Doing these things help maintain your health. But with Qigong, if you don’t bring yourself to a higher level, you are just doing the same maintenance day after day. And if you don’t find the benefit, then you won’t continue. So the key question is: Do you get a benefit? If not, then you have to look at the way you practice. Is it enough?

With some things, you see an immediate result; with others it’s a delayed gratification. But if you don’t see the result, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It just may not be the result you expected.

Qigong is an energy exercise that challenges your mind and your inner peace. You are building up energy and paying off your debts. These debts are based on your original condition as well as how off-balance your body is. They’re related to aging (no one stays young forever), as well as your emotional and physical condition–your mind-body-spirit balance.

With Qigong, a miracle can happen. But there’s one requirement–that you have a good connection to your own being in mind, body, and spirit. Once you make this connection and match the requirement 100%, you can wipe out all your debt. That’s it! Then you have a miracle.