You Are an Artist

Each musical note plays its own specific frequency. Musicians use these notes as a common language to express their feelings. Likewise, a painter uses color, while a sculptor uses stone, wood or clay. Each one of these creative forms of expression is its own language. And every one of us is an artist. As an artist, you use your blood and flesh to create a moving sculpture to express your feelings. Your face is the canvas. Can you see it?

Throughout your life, you paint portraits, not only of the changing you that you are becoming, but of the world around you. Everything in life is a symbol. Can you catch the message?

As the main participant in your life story, you add wisdom, humor, joy, emotions and color. Do you add subtle greens and grays, bold reds and oranges, or do you fall somewhere in the middle, with a mix of colors that symbolize your changing picture?

Have you ever thought about yourself in this way? Every time you make a decision, set a plan in motion, cook dinner or even choose your clothing for the day, you are adding layers and flavors to your ever-growing bank of artwork. The way in which you creatively express yourself in this life attracts certain things and people in your direction. Think about the things and people that are drawn to you. How do your outward actions and inward thoughts encourage those relationships?

When you were born, you stepped foot on a new, clean path. Your path is unlike anyone else’s. It may be full of twists and turns, with adventure and excitement at every turn. Or it may be straight and narrow with more repetition than you’d like. Either way, the beauty of an artist is in his or her ability to see a situation differently. To read people, events, and even themselves from different and changing perspectives, recognizing that the current path, vision or layout can change with just a simple twist.

So how are you living your life? Take out your paintbrush and begin to craft a new masterpiece. Let go of frustrations, fears and worries that hold you back. Instead, breathe and embrace each new day. And as you do, infuse a dose of creativity, be it something major, like a career change or something a bit simpler, like a new food, a fun activity or even a unique approach to arranging your furniture. These simple changes might be just the thing you need to begin to see your life from a new perspective.


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