Yin/Yang and The Power of Transformation

In the space of darkness, we cannot always see light. But everything in this reality must exist in a state of balance. Yin/Yang is the Tao of the entire Universe. There is no light without darkness and no day without night. Without the bleak dormancy of Winter, we wouldn’t have the abundance of Spring and all of the new life that carries throughout Summer. Life itself depends on this delicate balance.

Often, we experience the push and pull of Yin/Yang in our daily lives, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

A tough day, week, or even year may seem like the end of a story. In these dark moments, light is so far from our grasp, it is hard to even imagine its existence. But all of life’s possibilities stem from this unique Yin/Yang balance. Everything has the potential to transform. Instead of being the end of a story, can you picture it as the end of one chapter? Every ending comes with a new beginning. It teaches us to begin life anew—to see, feel, and breathe in every aspect of life with all of our senses renewed. Darkness is what teaches us to feel the light around and within us.

Are you open to transformation?