Words of Wisdom: Life Is Too Short

Life is simply too short to…

wait for the perfect moment.

spend any time in negativity: worry, fear, hatred, anger.

have a frown on your face.

wake up with regrets for things you could have done or decisions you could have made.

let an opportunity pass you by.

hide your feelings.

hold grudges.

stay stuck in frustration.

hide your true feelings or passions.

hold onto what holds you back.

let the noise distract you from the light.

be anything but happy.


So smile, and feel the warmth of your smile fill you and fuel you. Then share that smile with those around you.

Embrace the moment and the people in it.

Find ways to express yourself—laugh, dance, take up pottery or poetry. What motivates and excites you? Take some creative freedoms and break the boundaries you’ve set for yourself. (Life is more fun when you live outside the lines anyway.)

And those emotions you keep returning to? Learn to LET THEM GO! Breathe in and out, and begin to release all of the anxieties, frustrations, fears and worries you’ve been holding onto, one by one. They had their time and now need to be set free. They’re not yours to hold.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

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