Fall Health From an Energetic Perspective

Lung energy is dominant in fall. At this time of year, many people suffer from lung issues, such as hay fever, asthma, and allergies. As beautiful as the season is, many people dread this time of year, and even stock up on allergy medication in anticipation of these health issues. But even if you’ve experienced fall allergies your entire life, you can break this pattern and achieve good health.

TCM approaches life and healing in an interconnected way. It looks at each individual, not only for symptoms, but for the things we experience and take in emotionally and spiritually. We are not just humans that exist in our own separate entities. We are connected beings, tied to each other and to Nature as a whole. The Five Element Consciousness Framework provides us with a map to understand our body from an energetic perspective, realizing that health is impacted not only by what we put into our body, but by what we do to support it.

The Five Element Framework gives us a larger sense of what’s happening around us in each season and helps us to see how those changes impact our bodies. We can look at each season as a way to connect with and support the organ in charge. In Fall, Lung energy is at its highest. So, Fall is the best time to support and clean up the Lung.

Try these tips to support the Lung:

  1. Taste: Eat pungent and spicy foods, like daikon radish, lemon, and ginger.
  2. In Season: Eat foods that are grown in the fall, and as locally and as fresh as possible. This will help renew your connection to Mother Earth.
  3. Moisture: Dryness is often associated with the Fall season and Lung energy. Think about your skin and hair. Does your hair get dry and your skin begin to crack in the Fall and early Winter? Do you often get constipated? Honey and pears are a power duo that add moisture to the body. Almonds and almond milk also give the Lung an energetic boost.
  4. Stay Warm: Keep your skin covered and your body warm in the cold and windy weather.
  5. Music: The Lung resonates with the beating sound of the drum or trumpet. Put on some music on and dance to the beat. Be fluid and go with the flow.
  6. Color: The color white supports the Lung. Wear it and notice it all around you!
  7. Let It Go: Fall teaches us to simply relax and let go as the trees so easily shed their beautiful leaves. Start small. Learn to let things go one at a time.