Winter Soup Cleanse: Start With Scallop Soup!

Scallop soup is a perfect wintertime dish for health. Any kind of seafood, especially shellfish, is energetically beneficial for the Kidney. This organ is associated with the winter season and is the reserve generator of Qi for the entire body.

In the below video, Grand Master Nan Lu teaches you how to make scallop soup. This simple yet gourmet-quality soup is chock-full of healing benefits. You’ll enjoy the lightness of this soup, especially if you’re not fond of cream-and-flour laden soups. For extra Kidney support and delicious flavor, add chopped asparagus.

Join us on January 13-20 for our 7-Day Winter Soup Cleanse. Purify your body with Qigong practice and warming foods and develop a greater awareness of your emotional environment. Our aim is to help you turn inward and build energy so the Spring season can be one of growth and fulfillment. This program is virtual.