What’s Your Resolution?

Every year, at this time, people around the world create a resolution for the coming year. But often, our resolutions are based on things that happened during the past year that we resolve to change or make better.

Reflect back on your resolutions from the past few years. Have you resolved to become healthier, lose weight or spend less money? Maybe you vowed to become a better cook or organize your home. But as the year goes on and the excitement toward this resolution slowly wanes, many of us don’t follow through. Best laid plans, right?

So how can you create a meaningful resolution that you can translate into your daily life? Create a resolution based only on you. Dig deep as you look inward, finding what invigorates you. What makes you smile? What breathes life back into your bones? Start small and make it manageable. For example, if you are overwhelmed and over-scheduled, you might resolve to spend 15 minutes each day meditating, walking in Nature or doing something peaceful to help you find your balance.

Once you start feeling the benefits of this resolution day-after-day, you won’t want to stop! Follow-through will be easy! And just imagine how you’ll feel this time next year. As you reflect on your resolution, you’ll breathe easy, knowing that you took time every single day to nurture yourself.

So sit back, relax and resolve to find your inner joy. Make the leap into 2020 with a wide smile, knowing that you have resolved to be true to YOU!

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