Connect to the Positive

Many of us look back on various phases in our lives and recall defining moments—both personal anecdotes and monumental events that all of humankind shares. These moments shape us and set the very groundwork for the human beings we are to become. It is in these defining moments that our true nature has a chance to shine. This is one of those moments.

Our world is facing a fierce enemy—an invisible one. The very fact that we can’t readily see the enemy heightens the culture of fear even more. How do we fight the enemy when we can’t predict its next steps? The fear of the invisible is being matched by the fear of what is readily visible—masks, gloves, closed shops, news reports. It’s a different type of violence that we try to shield our children—and ourselves—from on a minute-to-minute basis. But there is no shielding. This has spread everywhere.

Even so, our primary battle is within our minds. The emotions we feel have the ability to throw our bodies completely out of balance. During a pandemic, it’s only natural to experience some of these feelings. However, fear is based on the future. It hasn’t happened yet. No matter what happens today, life will continue. Tomorrow will be beautiful. So today, you have a choice. You can connect to the fear of what might be, or the beauty of what is to follow. When you change your perspective, the whole picture changes. Human beings are resilient. We will persevere.


Click the video below to learn a reverse breathing technique to help you connect to inner peace.