What You Send Out Always Returns

When a boomerang is thrown, the expectation is that it will return. The same holds true for an echo. Whether walking in high heels down an empty hallway or shouting at the top of a mountain range, the fun part is waiting just a split second or two to hear your echo.

This is the most beautiful metaphor for life. What you send out into the world always comes back to you in the end. While you might not see it right away, if you wait just a split second longer, the good you send out will always find its way back to you.

Live your life with more kindness and less judgement.

Be kind, just because.

Lend a hand to a neighbor, a friend, or a stranger.

And remember to always see the good in yourself as well. It will attract other kind-hearted people your way.


#bekindalways #seethegood #bethegood