Can’t Sleep? You May Have Information Overload

How amazing … all living systems have an innate ability to harmonize themselves with their environment! Did you know, however, that information overload upsets this natural state of harmony and balance and depletes your precious Qi? The result is often insomnia and jittered nerves.

Rarely do we stop to think about the “soup” of magnetic and electro-magnetic fields (EMF) we’re immersed in — from computers, cell phones, cell phone towers, TVs, watches, microwaves, and more. Devices that seem so necessary to our lives also create vibrations that can disrupt our bodies’ healthy functioning.

A simple way to conserve more Qi or vital energy and maintain better internal balance is to take periodic breaks from electrical devices and avoid being on our devices 24/7. Easier said than done, we know! In addition, an energy practice like Dragon’s Way Wu Ming Qigong Meridian Therapy offers great benefits for insomnia, offering stress relief from information and EMF overload by balancing the body’s systems and helping the Heart become more peaceful and the mind more calm – the best route to a great night’s sleep!

Try these simple, effective tips for saving energy and using your Qi instead for re-balancing and harmonizing your body for better sleep:

– Leave your cell phone and watch at home some days.
– Turn off your computer more frequently. If you work longer hours, take more frequent breaks: get up, stretch or take a walk outside.
– Put a green plant on your desk and every fifteen minutes or so allow your eyes to look at it and soak in the color (In TCM’s Five Element framework, the vibration of the color green is beneficial for the eyes.)
– It may sound radical, but go on a TV and newspaper fast for a few days! Life goes on and you won’t miss much, but you will help your body become more balanced.
– Avoid sleeping near clocks, radios, TVs or cell phones so their vibrations don’t disrupt your body’s function and it can dive into a deep, refreshing night’s sleep.

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