Time and Space: Do We Leave the Past in the Past?

When troublesome things happen in life, often the healthiest thing to do is to leave the past in the past and move forward. This involves letting go of what once ailed us and releasing any associated emotions, which is often easier said than done. Grand Master Lu offers us some great advice. “Don’t look back. You’re not headed in that direction.”

We often think the past is in the past. But time can move forward and backward.

Let’s say you have fond memories of your grandmother picking you up from kindergarten and taking you to get an ice cream cone. Every time you pass your old school (space), you picture this memory. Even though your grandmother may be gone (space), she still lives in your mind, your heart, and your emotions (time). Through these memories, we can recreate the feeling and conjure up a visual. Memories and emotions have the power to transport us to another time and space.

If that can happen, how might it translate to illness and disease? If you cut off a tumor, does it disappear? No! The space can disappear, but the body’s memory of that illness (time) is still there.

Space and time cannot be separated. They are interconnected on many different levels. The root cause of illness is often linked to emotion. In order to truly heal illness and disease, we must first heal the time in order to heal the space.

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