Faith, Belief and Harmony: Finding Your Inner Answers

For thousands of years, many masters have said, “The answer lies within.” But although the answers are already within us, we don’t truly believe. So, we search the internet and other outside sources to answer the questions that circle our minds. If you want to find the truth—the true answer to what plagues you—you have to search your “Innernet.” What path must we take to reach the truth?

We must meet three requirements in order to find the answers that lie within: faith, belief and harmony.


The first requirement is faith. Everyone is born with faith, but unfortunately, not everyone can use faith freely. Your body is the best example of faith. When you take a drink of water, it flows through your mouth, down your throat and to your stomach. You know that if you don’t drink the water freely, it would reach your lungs and cause a cough. You trust your body’s natural ability to process foods and drinks automatically and never doubt its incredible potential. Although your body has tremendous faith, we do not allow this faith to really grow—to go beyond our bodies and our minds.

For thousands of years, religious leaders and masters have taught us how to develop and deepen our faith. Faith is just like a baby. You have to nurture it and allow it to gently, smoothly grow. If you meet the requirement and give it the opportunity, your faith will grow.



The second requirement is your belief or intention. You have to believe the answer lies within. Then you can go deep inside yourself to find the answer. Everything we do in life is based on belief. If you believe something is good for you, you take it. If you believe something is not good for you, you ignore it. Belief directly impacts our lives, our health and our bodies.

Beliefs change based on the benefit we see and the information we have at the time. For example, if a new scientific study proves that a certain food can prevent a stroke, you’ll likely take it without question. Why? Because your belief can change.

Your body holds thousands of years of wisdom, passed down from generation to generation. Must you rely on studies you read or sermons you hear? Or in delving within, can you use your own body’s experiences? If you can experience something, you can see its benefit. This helps you change your feeling about it and the way you react to situations. When you see the benefit and change your beliefs, you can begin to change your life.



The third requirement is body‒mind‒spirit harmony. The level of your harmony will determine the level and quality of the answers you find.

We often go through life forgetting that our body, mind and spirit are intrinsically connected. Ailments often remind us of this reality. If you have arthritis and are in so much pain that you cannot walk, or are suffering from depression at this moment, it’s nearly impossible to find answers.

Your body is a very important instrument. Think of it as a cell phone, receiving information from the Universe. This information goes through your body, and your own digestion, processing and transformation. After all of this, you come out with your own unique answer. So body‒mind‒spirit harmony is very important.

Today, many people have different conditions and take different medications. If your body is not at a stage where it can be peaceful and function properly, how can you find true answers? The same thinking can be applied to your mind.

Did you know that your organs have the ability to think and feel? Different emotions are associated with different organ systems. Generally speaking, if you feel frustrated or angry, or have a lot of stress, it will impact your Liver function. Fear is another powerful emotion. Today, fear surrounds us everywhere. Your Kidney function is directly related to fear. Worry is related to your Stomach/Spleen. If you worry too much, you spend so much time thinking and lose your appetite. Your Stomach tells you, “I ate your worry.”

You cannot separate your emotions from your body. If your body is off-balance, your emotions are off balance, and vice versa. To keep your body balanced, you must reach a state of harmony. Health is the first priority if you want to find true answers.

Overall Health

Health is the concept of interrelated harmony—balance between body, mind, spirit, Nature and society. It is also a byproduct, what we call another entity in your life. Imagine, for a moment, that your life is a flower garden. Your health is represented by its flowers. A healthy garden needs rich organic soil, the right temperature and adequate water. When those requirements—Nature’s requirements—are met, the flowers will grow to become strong, healthy and beautiful. If you choose to use poor-quality soil or forget to water the garden for a week, Nature’s requirements will not be met and the health of the flowers will be impacted. In a nutshell, good health stems from a good life.

Everything in life is connected. You cannot separate yourself from Nature. Likewise, you cannot separate yourself from your job, your neighbors or the environment in which you live. In order to have good health, you must solidify your connections to everything around you. In order to truly begin searching your Innernet for the truth, you must also meet the requirements of faith, belief and harmony. The answers are always found within.


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