The Spirit of February

Happy Leap Day! We’ve all experienced Leap Day, but do you know what it truly means? Over a period of 365 days (plus a few extra hours, minutes, and seconds), our Earth circles the sun. Without an extra day added to February’s calendar every 4 or so years, us Earthlings would lose almost six hours every year—that’s a loss of about 24 days over 100 years. So you could say that February is the month that keeps our world in balance.

It’s well accepted around the world that February is the month to “earn” the extra day. But February never complains, “Why me?” Instead, it contains a message: Expand your vision. Be flexible.

Think about it—this year, on this very day, we have been gifted an additional 24 hours. How many things can you do in 24 hours? How many flowers will bloom? How many words will be exchanged? How many babies will be born?

One day can change everything—your year, your life, and the lives of those around you. One day holds within it the power of creativity and flexibility. So take that power—the spirit of February—and expand your vision. Be flexible.

How will you take advantage of this one extra day?