Ancient Story, Modern Perspective: Incomplete Picture

Two travelers stopped to rest on a mountainside. The air was warm and there was no water in sight. They had been traveling for weeks and were losing hope of making it to their destination. Just then, one traveler noticed a shiny black coat through the crevice of a rock. He took a closer look and saw the tail end of the most magnificent wild stallion.

“If only I had looked a moment sooner,” he exclaimed. “Then I would have seen its face. What a shame that I missed this opportunity.” His companion sighed. “Your glimpse was not a missed opportunity. You may have an incomplete picture, but you saw more than I did.”

Instead of feeling grateful for what he did experience, the traveler focused on the incomplete picture. When we live moment to moment, we allow ourselves the flexibility to take in an incomplete picture, and use our creativity to make it whole.